10 Universities Cheapest in Spain for International Students

This article on the most affordable universities in Spain for students from abroad provides a comprehensive guide for selecting the best institutions that can help you further your studies in Spain. This article will provide information on the costs of universities and the actual universities.

Spain is believed to be among the most beautiful places to explore in Europe. The stunning beaches, the intriguing cuisine, and delicious meals are only a few reasons people would like to take a trip to this area of the Iberian Peninsula.

But, Spain is more than only tapas, paella, and sangria. Traveling to Spain isn’t a requirement that you have to spend spending a few hours in Ibiza or watching the bulls rout in Pamplona to celebrate Saint Fermin.

An excursion to Spain offers the chance to benefit from the unique educational system offered by the nation. The best schools in the world, Spanish universities offer international students an education of the best quality they can’t receive in the United States.

In addition, it allows students to explore the country’s rich history and culture. Students can experience everything the country offers and receive an excellent educational experience from some of the top universities around the globe. We’ll be discussing the best schools for students in Spain for students who are from outside.

The Cost of Studying in Spain

The cost for the course in Spain will vary based on where the student’s home chooses. An annual budget of between 800-800 EUR ($1,100 USD) to 1,000 EUR ($1,200 USD) is sufficient to take care of all costs. The costs include food, rent, utilities, and other costs.

Are Spain Universities Free?

Like many European Countries, Spanish public universities are generally accessible to Spanish citizens. However, the same cannot be claimed for private universities.

However, the cost of tuition isn’t overly costly. Spain is among the cheapest in comparison to comparable universities in Europe. A bachelor’s degree is lower than USD 800 per year. This is why Spain is one of the top destinations for international students.

What are the various languages used in the classrooms at universities in Spain?

While the majority of courses offered at universities in Spain offer instruction in Spanish but there is an increasing trend toward recognition of English as the preferred medium of instruction in a range of academic programs.

Cheapest Universities in Spain for International Students

1. University of Granada

It is believed that the University of Granada traces its roots to the Madrasah Yusufiyya, founded in 1349 under the patronage of Sultan Granada around 1349. This was the first Arabic University that offered various subjects, including calculus, astronomy, and Medicine. The University of Granada is also one of the most affordable universities in Spain for international students.

Later the college would be replaced by 1492 San Cecilio College 1492. In 1526, Emperor Charles V established a college, and in 1531, the University of Granada was officially established. Today, the University is one of the most famous universities of higher education around the globe and continues to welcome students from all over the world.

The campus is home to 22 faculties that offer an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These include Archeology History, Philosophy, Biology and Physics, Tourism and Nursing, Medicine, Computer Science, and Law.

The University is among the top places for international students participating in the Erasmus Program of the European Union. Due to this, it has become an amalgamation of diverse cultures from all over the world. Furthermore, Granada is a university city, where a substantial percentage of its population is associated with academia in one way or another.

2. University of Alicante

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • 831 EUR ($1,000 USD) to 6,800 EUR $8,000 USD) each year

While it was reported by it was announced that the University of Alicante was officially founded in 1979, the University remains a part of which is part of the University of Orihuela, which was founded in 1545 following the Papal Bull. It was founded because of the Center for University Studies and is home to the main campus in San Vicente del Raspeig.

The University provides a huge array of courses for local and international students. The diverse programs the University offers include Humanities Marine Studies, Optics, Optometry Architecture, and Social Work.

The University welcomes students from every background and across the globe. Students are encouraged to participate in the cultural events and exhibitions which the University holds. Students can also take part in sports either as an observer or as participants. Students are also allowed to join any of the university clubs to keep them busy during the weekends.

3. Autonomous University of Madrid

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • 1283 EUR ($1,500 USD) to 5,571 EUR ($6,600 USD) each year

It was created as an official institution in the year 1968. It was established in 1968. The Autonomous University of Madrid was one of the key elements of reforms in education that Spain implemented in the 1960s and the 1970s. It was created to modernize the system of universities due to the rise in the demand for tertiary instruction across the country.

This affordable school in Spain is situated in a municipality that’s not the most sought-after; however, it’s one of the top schools in Spain. It has seven faculties: the faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy and Liberal Arts, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Economical Science and Business Management, Faculty of Law, and the faculty of Medicine.

Students can choose from various options to immerse themselves in this vibrant Spanish culture. Students can also participate in numerous workshops and literary competitions to help improve their lives beyond the academic curriculum. Sports and social activities could be great options for students who wish to spend their time doing enjoyable activities.

4. Complutense University Madrid

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • 1283 EUR ($1,500 USD) up to 8186 EUR ($9,700 USD) each year

A Complutense University Madrid, an affordable university in Spain, was established in 1499. It was established through the Papal Bull and can be traced back to El Estudio de Escuelas Generales, established in 1293. The University was created to provide courses that covered Liberal Arts, Theology, and Canon Law to students in the region.

The University has expanded to provide a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students from across the globe. The University offers programs that include Design, Business Administration and Management, Mathematics, and Sciences of the Political Sciences, Computer Engineering, and Animal Science.

In Madrid, students have the opportunity to spend their weekends exploring Madrid’s vibrant and vibrant artistic and cultural heritage. It is also possible to participate in various cultural activities the University puts on. Students can also visit the numerous campus museums to enhance further their knowledge of the culture and history of the country they’re studying in.

5. Pompeu Fabra University

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • EU students earn 1202 euros ($1,400 USD) up to 2,069 euros ($2,400 USD) every year.
  • Students from non-EU countries range from 6800 euros (USD 8,000) to 10,868 euros (USD 12,900) over the year

Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:

  • EU students: 1 869 dollars ($2,200 USD) up to 7.700 Euros ($8,300 USD) per year.
  • Students from countries outside the EU – five,749 euros ($6,800 USD) up to 16,950 euros ($20,100 USD) every year

Pompeu Fabra University Pompeu Fabra University was founded in the Catalan Parliament in 1990, motivated by the principles of equality, democracy, liberty, and plurality, as well as justice and independence. The school’s goal was to teach citizens and professionals to dedicate all of their life to ideals of civic duty and to develop outstanding research.

The seven faculties of the University offer a range of postgraduate and undergraduate programs for local and international students. The courses offered are Human Biology, Political and Administration Sciences Journalism and Law, Economics Humanities, Biomedical Engineering, Humanities and.

To ease the stress of school, students can partake in numerous events held by the school. They may also play one or two sports to boost their fitness and endurance. Additionally, they can fulfill their civic duties by volunteering for any development programs available at the University.

universities in Spain

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6. Universidade Da Coruna

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • EU students, 1,215 EUR ($1,400 USD) up to 1 882 euros ($2,200 USD) every year.
  • Students from outside of the EU up to 248 Euros ($2,700 USD) up to 3,481 euro ($4,100 USD) per year.

Our top list of accessible universities in Spain for students from countries outside of Spain comprises Universidade Da Coruna. The University was established according to the Galician Universities Law in 1989. The Universidade Da Coruna is located in the Spanish city of A Coruna. The departments of the University are located on two campuses, the campus of Ferrol in Ferrol and the campus of A Coruna. Its main goal is to provide the capability to organize and disseminate the knowledge of culture and information through research and teaching.

The University offers continuously evolving programs to meet our times’ needs. The school offers double degrees and international studies besides the usual single-majors. The University’s programs include English, Digital Information and Documentation Management, Landscape, Speech Therapy, and Economics.

Alongside academic excellence, The school also encourages students to contribute to the community by volunteering to carry out projects for the local population. Students also have the opportunity to enrich their lives through participation in events of the arts and culture that the University organizes. Additionally, students are encouraged to remain active through the numerous athletic facilities available at the University.

7. University of Santiago de Compostela

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate and Graduate Programs:

  • 3.650 EUR ($4,300 USD) to 5,170 EUR ($6,100 USD) per course

The University of Santiago de Compostela is one of the most affordable colleges in Spain. It was established in 1495 after founding 1495 the Grammatic Academy as a school for the poor in the San Paio de Antealtares monastery. It is a part of the Galician University System and is the present headquarters. The campus is full of the cultural, natural, and scientific resources that Galician University has accumulated over more than 500 years.

The University provides over 60 undergraduate classes and more than 100 graduate students. These degrees offer students the training and practical experience they need once they finish their studies. University programs cover the History of Art, Psychology, Computer Engineering, Medicine, Journalism, Medical, and many more.

The college offers its students the opportunity to discover different cultures through numerous events and activities. It also serves as an important source of well-being and health through the many sports events it offers its students.

8. Nebrija University

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is 4.625 EUR (USD 5,500) per semester
The school was founded in the year 1995. Nebrija University was named in honor of Antonio de Nebrija, a Spanish humanist who created the first Spanish dictionary. He also advocated studying classic languages and literature. The principal at the University is teaching by doing, and it encourages students to focus on creating knowledge that will help them overcome any obstacle they encounter in their daily lives.

The school offers a wide array of programs designed to develop each student’s talents. These programs include basic education, journalism, marketing, International Relations, and law. Tourism and Automobile Engineering.

The University supports its extracurricular programs for students by creating interest-based clubs that support their personal and professional development. Multi-cultural spaces are also available, encouraging the students’ different backgrounds.

9. University of Barcelona

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • EU students earn 1 061 euros ($1,300 USD) up to 1,660 euro ($2,000 USD) every year
  • Students from outside of the EU 5-400 euros (6,400 dollars) per year

It was founded in 1450. It was established in 1450. The University of Barcelona, an affordable university in Spain, is one of the oldest universities in Catalonia. The charter was issued around 1450 to King Alfonso V the Magnanimous after the city of Barcelona requested the charter. The same year it also came out that the Papal Bull was also issued by Pope Nicholas V.

The University is one of the top universities around the world. It is consistently ranked first among all universities and the best Spanish universities. It provides a variety of degrees that comprise Art History, Biotechnology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy Tourism, Tourism as well as Fine Arts.

At the University, there is a library of a 16-year-old facility that allows students to broaden their knowledge about the course they’re working towards. The University also promotes the study of languages among students from different parts of the world. The school also promotes healthier living by encouraging the students to engage in at least one sport.

10. Mondragon University

Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:

  • 5.500 EUR ($6,500 USD) to 11,000 EUR ($13,000 USD) every year

Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:

  • 7320 EUR ($8,700 USD) to 12,500 EUR ($14,800 USD) per year.

Mondragon University is the last student on our top 10 list of most inexpensive universities in Spain. Although it was established in 1997, Mondragon University traces its origins to the Escuela Politecnica Superior, founded in 1943 under the guidance of Father. Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta. The University is a private school situated in Basque Country.
The University has four faculties offering many undergraduate and graduate courses for students from all across the globe. The degree programs offered by the University are Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Primary Education, and Audiovisual Communication.

The school also helps students pursue their interests in extracurricular activities through a variety of activities that they can participate in. The school also hosts events and activities that allow students to interact outside the four walls surrounding the school.

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