10 Ways to Give Yourself More Time

Between work and other responsibilities, it’s easy for people to feel overwhelmed. Burnout is a sign you need to reduce your stress levels and take more time for yourself. You don’t have to worry; the world will not end. You can use downtime to plan for the future, relax and build mental strength.

It is possible to create new ways to make time for yourself and only you. These critical hacks can help you take care of yourself, even if your urge to work is vital.

1. Express your needs

As lovely as it would be, no one can guess what you want. Although it can be hard to express your needs, it is the best way to improve your mental health. Your support network is aware that you must take time for yourself. If you ask them to help you find time for yourself, they will be a great help.

Express your needs

2. Learn to say “No!”

Although it might be easier to say yes when you aren’t enjoying confrontation, you will likely become too committed to many things. Instead, learn to say no politely without feeling guilty. You can make more time by simply saying no.

Learn to say no

3. Set more boundaries

These can be in your personal and professional lives as well. Even though you want your employer to be happy, it is essential to set reasonable boundaries—for example, no emails after 5 pm. A healthy work-life balance can be a great way to get the downtime you need and be more productive while working.

Set more boundaries

4. Order groceries online

You can save tons of time by making this a recurring subscription or choosing a meal prep subscription. Always check reviews first.

Order groceries online

5. You might consider a workout program

Do it not for the appearances but your mental health. This smart way to get your heart rate up and your endorphins pumping is a great way to keep your mood high while still getting some me-time. This can be done in a studio to connect with other locals, or you can do it from your home.

You might consider a workout program

6. Spend lunchtime alone

Instead of hanging out with coworkers during lunch, eat alone. Lunch does not have to be an opportunity for team bonding. Take your lunch to the park or a nearby cafe if you want to take some time out to decompress and relax. You can also take a lunch packed from home to a quiet area in your office if you cannot do so.

Spend lunchtime alone

7. Enjoy some screen-free time

You might feel tempted to use your phone or turn on the TV in your spare time. Try spending some time away from screens. You can take a walk, meditate, journal or paint. Even a temporary social media detox is possible. This will assist you in de-stressing and clearing your mind. Deepen your breaths and allow yourself to be present during these moments.

Enjoy some screen free time

8. Hiring a babysitter

Sometimes it makes you feel like you are a superhero, while other times can make you very tired. It is okay to want adult-only time, and it shouldn’t be a guilt trip. You can have a spa day by yourself, your partner, or your best friends. A trusted babysitter will take care of your needs and keep you sane.

Hiring a babysitter

9. Be comfortable with outsourcing and delegating

Women are so used to taking most of the work at home even though they have full-time jobs. Teaching your children and partners that chores are a part of the household can free up time and teach your family members to be more responsible. If you have a network that can help you become more productive, this applies to work.

Be comfortable with outsourcing and delegating

10. Overwhelmed? Mini breaks are the best way to get started

It is essential to take some R&R. However, it can be challenging to get started with a big vacation or too much time for you. You can begin practising me-time by taking micro-breaks, which are easier intros. Call a friend, solve a puzzle, or read a few chapters of a book. Alternatively, get up from your desk and stretch.

time for yourself

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