LinkedIn Social Selling Index (Easy Guide 2022)

To increase your LinkedIn Social Selling Index, there are several steps you can take. This topic is confusing for many marketers and LinkedIn users, and we will explain what it does and why it is essential.

Social Selling Index (SSI), a score that measures how well LinkedIn is used for business, is a score. A high SSI indicates that you are doing a great job connecting with other people and getting leads.

This metric will affect your performance and guide you as to what you should do. LinkedIn social selling leaders get 45% more sales than their peers.

It’s a brilliant idea to use the tips in this post to improve your SSI, and this will help you generate more sales for your business.

What is the Social Selling Index?

LinkedIn uses four pillars to calculate your SSI. Each post can score you anywhere from 0 to 25 points, so your total score can range from 0 to 100.

  1. Create a professional brand
  2. Find the right people
  3. Engage with insights
  4. Build strong relationships

These four pillars cover all activities you can do on LinkedIn. You can increase your SSI by doing the right thing, and you can find 12 tips to help you improve your score.

12 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

For any member of LinkedIn, the first step is to create an account. After searching for the terms you use, other people will visit your profile.

Your profile begins with your title. Here you can add your job title and your business. This is the best place for you to write about people you are interested in helping. You can then write a summary of yourself that describes you as a professional.

Your profile photo is another essential element. LinkedIn users want to connect with professionals, and it can be costly for leads and customers to add a blurry or casual photo.

You can also add relevant details such as your industry and location. Your goal is to show that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your field.

2. Post Daily Updates

To keep your connections informed about industry news, you should publish content at least once per day. You can share a few tips or even start a conversation with your ideas if you don’t have much to share. LinkedIn allows you to publish images, videos and articles.

LinkedIn is a great way to increase your SSI, engage more people, and find more people in your target market. To reap the benefits of this process, you will need to share something valuable.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups offer many benefits to marketers. LinkedIn groups provide many benefits for marketers. You can find the topics your target audience loves, create your content, and then send messages to other group members.

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups. However, it would help if you were selective. Active groups should have at least one member. Inactive groups and trying to engage people in these groups will waste time. It is also important to find groups that are near your niche.

4. Find the Right People

Although it may seem obvious to say you need the right people, it makes perfect sense to reach out and make contact with users who have the potential to become your customers.

Checking who is interested in your content and profile can help you find potential customers. You can send them a message if you get a few clicks on your profile, and there is a good chance they are interested in learning more about your company.

This applies to comments made on your content by others, regardless of whether it is shared on LinkedIn groups or your profile. It is essential not to send random people your business information.

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5. Get Insights

Find other people in your industry and potential customers to engage with their content. You can comment on their content and engage in conversations.

You have many opportunities to meet other people and gain more information. You want to help others and add value.

Third-party content can be shared as a valuable resource. This is an excellent way for your followers to get involved and discuss the new resources

6. Establish Relationships

LinkedIn is all about creating relationships. This metric on SSI focuses more on getting more connections than actually sending messages to them.

You can build a relationship with prospects and other people in your industry if you have a two-way conversation. It would be even better to connect with decision-makers in your industry.

Next, engage with them by following them on LinkedIn. It’s not enough to connect once and forget. You can comment on their content or send messages if you have important news to share.


7. Your CMR will sync with Sync Sales Navigator

You can connect the Sales Navigator to CMR if your company uses it. This will allow you to gain insights from your CMR and save time gathering the correct data. Sales Navigator allows you to keep track of all your communication with prospects.

Next, you’ll use all of the information available to find more prospects via the platform. You can sync your Sales Navigator and your CMR in just a few clicks, and there is no reason not to do this step.

8. Integration of Phone Calls and Emails to Sales Navigator

You can log all phone calls if you wish to review your history, including length and duration. Your email account can be synced to your Sales Navigator, which will allow you to track your past and the leads.

These integrations will allow you to manage all your leads and prospects in one place. This integration will enable you to save time and money by not using third-party software for either task.

9. Save Your Searches

One of the most significant benefits of LinkedIn search filters is their ability to target specific audiences. You only need to save a search filter that generates many leads and has excellent connections.

You can then go back to the filter over and again. If you use LinkedIn correctly, LinkedIn can be a great source of leads. You can make edits to existing filters or dig deeper into specific categories.

10. Use the “Past Not Current Filter

This filter looks for people who have worked at the same company as you but are not currently customers. There is a good chance that they are working for a different company.

Ask them about their company and if they know of anyone who can offer your services. This is an excellent way for you to connect with new clients using the existing database. Because people change companies more frequently than you think, it is a tool you can often use in the future.

11. Publishing Educational Content

Your target audience will believe you’re an expert in your field if you can teach them something. Because you know something they don’t, it makes sense. It can help you attract new prospects and increase your trust with existing customers.

You can post educational content to your LinkedIn publisher or groups and send it via messages or emails. You must ensure that your target audience finds it in every case.

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12. Ask for Referrals

It is possible to recommend your business to clients if they are satisfied with your service. You can also ask for more recommendations. Referring clients to your business is a great way to grow your leads. People trust the guidance of their colleagues.

You can also offer incentives to people who refer you. You can offer bonuses, gift cards and other rewards. Please make sure they send these referrals via LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.


These 12 tips will help improve the four areas of the social selling index. You want to create a personal brand and engage with the right people.

Optimizing your brand is key to your success. Next, reach out to relevant people to your business to establish trust and relationships. LinkedIn offers many resources and tools that can help you do this.

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