Ghani film Review: Varun Tej requires more than Ghani to become an action hero

Ghani movie review: Varun Tej shines in this outmoded boxing drama that fails to connect with the viewers.

Action is a constantly changing genre, especially when the film incorporates it into an action sport. Telugu cinema has many of these films.

Consider Telugu combat dramas like Thammudu (1999) which is an action film that kickboxes, and Bhadrachalam (2002), which was a Taekwondo-based film; Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi (2003) is an action film that is that was based on kickboxing And Guru (2017) which is boxing dramas that all came out as smash hits.

They were so popular because of the emotional core that brought the audience together. For instance, in the film Thammudu or Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi, the viewers feel the tense father-son bond. We wanted to root for the main character when we watched the movie.

In this pantheon, we have Varun Tej’s Ghani; however, unlike its legendary predecessors, it lacks the emotional weight to make viewers feel like they are in your corner.

Varun’s Ghani dislikes his father, Vikramaditya (Upendra), as the actor believes that he did his way into boxing. This storyline that would have made up the movie’s core gets presented in such a simplistic and predictable manner that it doesn’t register.

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Ghani’s journey toward boxing, his disdain for his father, and how he excels at the game are all artificial and forced. The gambling aspect of Ghani’s story is yet another opportunity missed.

Ghani is reminiscent of a film of the 80s based on its style and tone. Stars such as Upendra, Suniel Shetty, Jagapathi Babu, and Nadiya are all wasted on screen.

In the film, Upendra’s Vikramaditya appears to be giving lectures at every opportunity the film presents him with; Suniel Shetty seems to be the only one taking part in the game.

The amount of effort Varun Tej put into the role is noticeable, and if there’s one motive to see this film, then it’s his. To be an action and mass hero, he’s got to do more than just a payment to Ghani.

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