How to Write a High-Quality SEO Article in Under an Hour

This means that you’ll be writing more often and earn more. The work you put in is not proportional to the quality.

I once believed that the more effort you put into it for a longer time and the more successful the piece or the content would be. You get a dangerous combination if you mix this belief with an unwavering obsession with perfection (as in my instance).

After countless hours of work writing for a living, I realized how flimsy and risky this approach is. It will take your energy away and ruin your most productive hours and cause you to exhaust yourself over a few weeks or months.

This idea was proven false when presented with my first semi-viral post on Medium. I was trying to decrease the amount of time I spent writing, and the article took me just an hour to write, edit and then publish. I was not convinced that it was a great piece, but I decided to share it online to be complete.

It wasn’t just recognized, but it was also a subject of much interest. I published it a few months ago, and it receives comments and highlights every day or even weekly. I probably would have tossed the article due to not having “put enough effort into it,” however, there was getting feedback about how helpful it was.

“Is the real goal of writing for me to spend hours reading every paragraph 50 times, or is it to be useful?” I wondered.

I began to combat my perfectionist habits with the determination to write more frequently and help more people. For this reason, we’ll talk about how you can write a high-quality and high-quality piece in just one hour, encompassing all aspects of writing from beginning to publication. Let’s get started.

First, write some writing for fun (25 minutes)

There’s nothing to write about here. Set a timer that will last for 25 minutes (you may start by selecting a higher time and then begin to reduce the time starting from that point) and start writing.

It was simpler to put any thought down on paper without having to judge it initially (nor the idea itself, the way it was written, and any grammar). I tried to write down as many thoughts as quickly as I could. And, I have to say that it was beneficial to my perfectionist tendencies.

It was an exercise that was necessary at first, but you may have a different mindset than I was, so If you can begin with an outline right from the beginning, that’s more effective. I applaud you.

But I believe it’s important to note how this process was a lengthy procedure that didn’t happen in a single day, and I didn’t begin writing one-hour articles on the very first day. It took me just several weeks; however, it was worth it, and it is still.

Editing takes place in the second stage (20 minutes)

What can they say? “Write fearlessly, and edit mercilessly.” This is why you need to limit the time you spend editing. It is all too easy to fall back into perfectionist tendencies. The more time you spend indulging in this behavior. The same idea is the basis of Parkinson’s Law: “work expands to fill the time available for completion.”

I started by committing myself to 40 minutes, and I gradually reduced it and 20 minutes. I realized that this was the proper amount of time needed to edit a separate piece of writing. Of course, this is just an average number. Writing a lengthy, complex post that requires further research and data checks may take longer. It’s important to note that I will always reserve a specific period that can be effective.

Another tip for editing I can offer is to edit via your phone. I’m not sure what this is, and I’m not even sure how it would work for everyone. However, it’s worth giving it a try.

After editing the article on my smartphone, I noticed that I could read and read the article quicker, leading to more prominently highlighting the missing content and those that required trimming. To accomplish this, I need to disable all notifications, or else I’ll end up on Instagram within 20 minutes.

Write a High-Quality
Write a High-Quality

Publishing (10 Minutes)

You’re close to being done. This is the most straightforward step in the process. Go through the article, read it as an overview, including links, images, and other information, before hitting “send to publication,” or put it up on your website or email the article to a customer. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Celebrate! You’ve done a great job. Say it loudly, and be sure to believe it. Relax, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea or any other beverage you prefer, and then unwind. Let your mind drift, and your mind diverge from the subject you did a post on. A break of between 20 and 30 minutes is enough.

Writing while hungry is a great idea

I realize that this advice might seem odd -even insane to some. That’s why I’m sharing this advice. You do not want to hear the same writing tips that are common sense over again, do you?

I want to say that I write when I’m hungry most often. The writing happens (almost) early in the morning, right after my routine for the day, and I don’t eat breakfast and stick to an intermittent fasting schedule.

As a freelance writer and freelancer, the amount I earn is determined by the amount I write and how effective the content is. I’m also a student part-time and am determined to write as quickly as possible, and my concentration is essential in this.

I notice a noticeable change in my writing after having eaten. I’m heavier, struggling to concentrate on my writing, and I do not “feel like it.” It’s normal to feel tired and sleepy after digestion, which means your brain’s abilities will be less sharp.

I suggest that you test this method at least once to feel the difference for yourself. You may feel different in the initial two or three days since you’re too hungry to focus on anything else; however, the results will be immense If you persist.

One final thought

Likely, I did not quite get to the hour mark (you can add 55 minutes as part of the procedure), And sometimes, I allow myself less time to finish the task. It’s all based on the intensity of your focus or topic and how busy your schedule is.

However, you need to leave space for mistakes and distractions. But not too much, and it might indicate perfectionist tendencies returning.

Last but not least, I realize that you might be skeptical at first and have to struggle for a while; however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results you can achieve when you give it an opportunity.

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