How Do International Students Get into the University of Portsmouth?

This article will provide information on how international students can apply to the University of Portsmouth. It would be best to remember some things when applying as an international student. Continue reading below.

University of Portsmouth International Students Guide

The University of Portsmouth is an English public university located in Portsmouth. In 1869, the University was established as the Portsmouth and Gosport School of Science and the Arts. It initially offered higher education to technical and artistic professionals. In 1992, it was made a university.

How international students can get admission to the University of Portsmouth

These are the main factors that allow international students to be admitted at the University of Portsmouth. Individual requirements may be required for applicants from certain countries.

English language requirements

You must understand English to participate in lectures and complete assignments.

You will need to speak a different level of English depending on which course you take. These prerequisites can be found on the website for each course.

Before confirming your place, you must prove that your English language skills are sufficient by taking an English language test.

You can take a pre-sessional English course with us if you don’t meet the English language requirements when you apply for the course.

These requirements are not mandatory for all students, but some students from countries where English has been the official language may be exempted.

University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth

Documents Required in the Process

These documents are required when you apply for University of Portsmouth membership:

  1. An application form completed – you can find a link to this form in the “apply” section at the bottom of every course page.
  2. A personal statement or statement of purpose explaining why you chose our University and why this course is important to you. You may need to provide specific information for some personal statements. Please refer to your course page for more details.
  3. Officially certified and translated copies (for undergraduate courses only) of your college or high school qualification and grades.
  4. Officially certified and translated copies (for Postgraduate courses only) of your degree qualification.
  5. You must provide proof of your English language proficiency (such as an IELTS certificate)
  6. For undergraduate courses, one academic reference is on the official headed paper and two for postgraduate.

For applicants from certain countries, we require video credibility interviews. The regional leaders will contact the applicant to coordinate this.


Once your application has been received, the University may contact you to provide more information. If your application is rejected, you will be notified.

If your application is rejected, the admission team will make an offer to you or suggest alternatives. You will receive an offer from us if you do. However, there are numerous factors to consider.

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