Bloggers and Email Marketing

What’s Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for growing a profitable blog.
An Email List is a list of email addresses and names of people who have signed up for updates and promotional emails.

You will collect emails through opt-in forms that you create on your blog. Email marketing is when you promote your blog or services to your email subscribers using email.

Bloggers and Email Marketing

What are the benefits of email marketing for your business?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, according to, email marketing has a 4300 per cent return on investment.

Many new bloggers don’t want to use email marketing. They think it is slow and tedious. Many would reconsider their decision if email marketing were the best way to retain customers and connect with them. Email marketing allows you to reach your readers directly and is more visible than any other channel.

While people may not visit social media every day, they check their email regularly. People check their email several times per day, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones. It is often the first thing that people fit in the morning.

You must compete with other content when you post to social media sites to be seen. You might also be limited in your reach by social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest changing their algorithms.

Neil Patel, for example, mentions on his website ( that the Organic Reach of a Facebook page fell to 2% in June 2016. This update severely affected my friend’s DIY blog, and her traffic dropped overnight. With 500K fans, her Facebook page reached only 10,000 people per post.

Only 200 of those who clicked through to her blog were interested. She decided to concentrate more on building her email list. Now, her email list is over 50k strong. She sends an email to 50K people. 30% open the email, and 15% click-through to her site.

One email sent by her brought her 6300 visitors to her Crochet Baby Blanket Roundup blog post. She also earned $150 in advertising revenue. You can make more money if you have a more extensive list.

You can’t have all your eggs in the same basket, and this is true for your finances and your business marketing. You will never lose your email list to changes in ranking systems, which can cause a sudden drop in traffic on other channels.

How to Create an Engaged List

If your email marketing efforts are not engaging, they will fail. It is essential to build a relationship with your subscribers and warmly welcome them into your email marketing efforts. Writing on a personal basis is the best way to achieve this.

Please send an email with a unique story, but keep it brief. Trusted and trusted people are more likely to purchase from you. Be that person. To illustrate, I’ve shared my experiences during the pandemic with my audience.

This has helped to strengthen our relationship. It would help if you treated them as friends, not salespeople. Don’t sell in every email. Your emails should not contain sales messages. Only 20% should be promotional emails, and the remaining 80% should offer value to your subscribers.

Asking a question is another way to engage your audience, and I asked my audience their greatest struggle with managing money. It can increase your open rates and reduce the likelihood of your email ending up in spam folders.

Ask them questions to help you plan the content for your blog. Ask them what content they’d like to see on the blog. These responses will give you valuable insight for future blog posts. Publishing the requested content will foster a stronger bond between you and your readers.
A successful email campaign will also depend on the quality of your formatting.

Your links should be bold, easy to click and large. People check their email on mobile devices, so a small font may make it difficult for them to click. Link to only three related articles when linking to your new article. It is not a good practice to stuff your email with links.

How often to email your list

If you don’t email your list often enough, they will forget why they signed up for your emails. Don’t make this mistake. Email your list at most once per week. For most bloggers, this is the best time to email your list.

You can share old posts, roundups or valuable tips for your readers if you don’t feel the need to post new content every week. After emailing my subscribers for a year, I now have the option to resend emails I sent last year.

This will help you save time while also keeping your audience interested. It is possible to add a lot of subscribers within a year. Old subscribers may not remember posts shared one year ago. It is essential to ensure that the blog topic remains relevant.

Although it can take some time to build an email list, it can be a valuable asset for your company.

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