Which Country Pays Highest Salary For MBA?

The latest survey conducted by Training The Street revealed that Denmark is one of the leading countries in the world for MBA salaries.

The average compensation is US$121,400, making it the second-highest globally. While tax rates are higher than in Switzerland, they have been cut significantly to make the country more attractive.

This will translate into increased job opportunities and higher MBA salaries. If you’re thinking about an MBA abroad, this report can help you choose the best country.

According to the survey, Switzerland is the best country to earn a Master’s in business administration. While the average base salary for MBA graduates is US$102,100, bonuses are still a good source of compensation.

Total compensation for an MBA in Switzerland is close to $120,000, a substantial sum. For students interested in international opportunities, the US is the best choice. But in other countries, a Swiss MBA might be a great option.

In addition to Switzerland, the United States is a top choice for an MBA. The average compensation for MBA jobs in the US is US$133,100 per year. In contrast, Australia is second in the countries with the highest MBA salaries.

The average salary for MBA employees in Australia is US$129,100. In Denmark, the most common jobs are banking-related. Like Switzerland, the Danish economy is also known for its financial sector. An average MBA package is US$120,100.

The United States has the highest average MBA salary, with an average base salary of US$100,714 per year. However, this is offset by the cost of living in the US. Other more expensive destinations include Ireland, Singapore, and Australia. The United States offers the most prestigious MBA courses and is affordable. But be sure to factor in the extra costs of living in the US. It’s well worth it.

The US is the second most affordable destination. Although US salaries for MBA students are high, bonuses are not as generous as a few years ago. While the US remains the top destination for MBA students, Canada’s average salary is not as high as it was in the past. However, the price of living in the country remains low compared to other countries. But if you want to live in Switzerland, it is worth it.


The most expensive country to study MBA in Germany. While the average salary in Switzerland is US$87,400, the average salary for MBA graduates in Germany is only US$77,200. Aside from its high wages, the country’s low-cost education and friendly climate have helped it become a popular location for MBA graduates.

In contrast, Germany’s average salaries for MBAs are lower than in other countries in Europe. Nevertheless, bonuses for MBA students in Germany are a factor in making the salary attractive.

France has ranked among the top countries for MBA study, and its leading MBA schools include INSEAD and HEC Paris. In addition to its high-quality education, the French economy has a high salary-paying market. Besides the advantages of pursuing an MBA, it is also a popular option for pursuing a Ph.D. In addition to career prospects, the degree also opens the door to many other opportunities.

Canada has the fifth-highest average MBA salary in the world. While the average salary in Switzerland is still US$91,600, Canadian MBA graduates can expect to make US$111,300 annually. In Canada, the country has a competitive MBA job market, as multinationals from all over the world flock here. In addition, the Swiss currency is a powerful asset, which helps the Swiss pay top-salaried graduates in the region.

The highest-paying MBA program is in Switzerland. The average base salary is US$77,200, while the overall compensation is US$94,100. Furthermore, salaries are more competitive in France, with a median of US$86,400 for a graduate’s first year. Further, many companies seek out MBA graduates from the country’s top business schools. A French MBA is a highly-valued asset for a multinational company.

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