5 College Degrees Which Will Go Extinct Within 20 Years

Do you recall futuristic movies that showed a future filled with robots? That future is not far off. Robots are on the horizon and will soon take over our jobs. We are not far from the technological revolution, and automation is an integral part. This change has been witnessed before with the Industrial Revolution. Education is the solution. It is crucial to keep the changing world and its demands when choosing a college degree. So, I found five college degrees that are certain to become obsolete due to the advancement of technology.

Accounting Degree

Quickbooks can do it, so you don’t need an accountant. There are many ways for companies to pay taxes online, from Turbo Tax to H & R Block. Larger companies may need in-house accounting, but most tax accounting can be done online. This career is changing, so you need to be more creative and have more insight. Finance is a great alternative, and you can be more flexible in your career.

Degree in Hospitality and Tourism

Do you remember those kiosks at the airport where you can check-in? This is the future of hotels. It is a mistake to major in tourism and hospitality, and technology can easily replace this industry. There is a real shortage of hotel desk agents, travel agents, etc.

Paralegal Grade

A majority of paralegal duties can be performed online. Online filing and research are possible without the need for a human hand. Paralegal studies are the best way to get into the industry. Law can be replaced entirely by technology.

Broadcast Communications Degree

Broadcasting is a constantly changing field. Broadcast communications degrees focus on outdated technology, as the TV is no longer the primary news source. Everyday communication efforts change. From Snapchat to Facebook, we receive our news entirely differently.

Pharmacy Degree

A robot can fill your prescription. This is an easy concept to grasp. This idea of automated pick-up or drop-off is becoming more popular. There is no need for pharmacists in this world. Although compounding is still a top-rated service, as the market becomes more competitive, the demand for compounding will decrease. This job is highly replaceable. Instead, go big and become a doctor.

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