47+ Van Life Jobs You Can Do from Your Campervan to Make Money

Do you desire to live a minimalistic, simple lifestyle? Living in a van is a possibility for you, and it’s possible to make money living in a van.
It doesn’t matter if you work for someone or commute to the office. This article will show you how to make the most of your van while earning money.

The millennial generation lives in an age where people choose simpler lifestyles and turn down material goods. This trend is taken to an extreme by living in a van. You’ll no longer have a home and many of your possessions.

Even though you don’t have much storage space, living in a van can allow you to make money while still enjoying a comfortable life. Here are some side hustles or van life jobs that can help you make as much or as little money as you want.

Here are our top 47 ways to make money living in a van

1. Fiverr allows you to sell your services

Fiverr is a great place to start if you have a campervan, RV or motorhome and are looking for ways to make money. Fiverr allows you to sell almost anything, from teaching yoga or fixing electronic problems. There are many other options than cash payments: 83% percent of revenues on Fiverr can be made through PayPal.

2. Create a profitable blog

It’s easier than ever to start a profitable blog. Your RV or campervan can serve as your office, and anything you like can be written about to make an income. You can continue to build on your blog and move up to better and bigger things.

3. You can become a freelance writer

You can make a lot of money, while freelance writing is a great option. Freelance writing is an excellent option because you have so many options for making money. You can also be an editor or create content. Bonus tip: You can also offer social media services for businesses to make more money. Remote work such as affiliate marketing can be done from your van. You can write blog posts and include affiliate links to make extra money in your side hustle.

4. As a virtual assistant, you can work from your campervan

Are you a campervan- or RV-owner who dreams of working from home but doesn’t know how to do it? This article is for YOU! You can do many jobs from your RV and make money. This is an excellent way for you to pay your travel expenses. It’s a great way to live the van lifestyle.

5. You can proofread from your van

This article will teach you how to proofread from your van. Many RVers enjoy proofreading and are looking for ways to make extra money.

Mention research has shown that online proofreading services are in high demand. Many freelancers travel the U.S. looking for work in RVs.

6. Become a transcriptionist

You can make money living in your RV or campervan. Many people believe that they don’t earn any income because they aren’t working in an office. You can do many jobs while traveling or on the move. Transcribing can be done in your van, and transcription is one of the most popular jobs.

Companies are always searching for people who can record audio or video and then translate that information into written form.

7. Register for Rakuten and make money online shopping

You can make a lot of money by renting a campervan. Sign-shilling for Rakuten is one of the most lucrative. You can sign up in minutes and start making money right away. Referring new customers to Rakuten can earn you referral fees.

8. Online shops allow you to sell handmade products

There are endless ways to make money online that you didn’t know existed. All it takes is a little imagination. Online stores such as Amazon and eBay allow you to sell handmade items. If you are skilled in knitting or sewing, you could create stunning hats and shirts that you sell on Etsy.

9. Make printables and sell them on Etsy

There are many ways you can make money with your campervan/rv, but the most popular is to create a printable that you then sell on Etsy!

You can make a few prints to start making money and then put them up for sale. You can sell many printables on Etsy, including planners, handouts and cheat sheets, wall art, journal pages, worksheets, journals worksheets, brochures, and cheat sheets. Simple printables are selling for thousands of dollars on Etsy every month.

10. Essential oils for sale

It’s an excellent way for people to earn money while still living in vans. You can make your essential oils and sell them online if you have the skills and budget. Many companies can help you make your blends if you don’t have enough time or the skills.

11. Online teaching English as a van-life job

You might consider teaching English online if you’re looking for ways to make money from your RV or van. You can make a high income by teaching English online while traveling in your vehicle, and you can also use it to help you plan for the future.

Start your blog or website and teach online. Online teaching English can make you up to $1000 per month.

12. You can become an online education tutor

Many people become online tutors to make some extra money. Many online tutorials can help you teach others how to cook or speak another language. Online tutoring can be a great way to keep your blog running and make extra income. Here are some websites that allow you to sign up for tutoring online. Com, TutorVista, Tutor.ca, Tutor. Co, Tutor.com, Tutor. In, Tutor.us, Tutor. Is Tutor. Gd.

13. Amazon FBA Business Starter Kit from Your Van or Car

Might you be looking for a unique or unusual job? Consider starting an Amazon FBA company from your RV or campervan. It’s a flexible and profitable way to make money while enjoying the freedom of the open road. You can do many different jobs while living in your van. There are also many resources and guides that you can use to help you get started. This job will require startup funding, so it is best not to choose this option if you don’t have the budget.

14. Graphic Design: Learn to be a Graphic Designer

Since I became a digital nomad, there have been many inspirations for making money with your van. Graphic design from the road was a common theme. You can also freelance design from your RV or campervan. These include photography, film production and web development.

15. Online marketing is now possible

The trend of living in a van is proliferating. Owners of campervans or RVs can work from their vehicle and enjoy the freedom that it offers. This list will help you find the top online marketing jobs available to people who work remotely. These positions are open to all who have internet connections and computers.

16. You can design websites from your campervan

Designing websites is one of the most overlooked jobs. You can still make a living from this job, even if your degree is not in Computer Science or Web Design. You need the right equipment and the necessary skills to make it happen. To get started, you can park your RV or campervan anywhere.

17. Make your online courses

Do you dream of living in an RV or van and traveling the world? Depending on where you are located, there are many ways to finance your travels. Even if you don’t plan on going anywhere, there are many jobs that you can do from your RV or campervan. You can make online courses to sell to people who want to learn the skill you teach. This is an excellent way for you to make money with your van. You can do all of this from your laptop.

18. Be a certified bookkeeper

You can make a living from your van by becoming a certified bookkeeper. You can work anywhere you like and from your campervan or RV. It is possible to use your smartphone or laptop for this task. You can become a bookkeeper by following the link below.

19. Get involved in the Steady Jobs app

Steady Jobs App allows you to make money by living in your van. Constant Jobs App will enable people to connect with people looking for work in their local area. Earn cash by walking dogs, dropping off packages or cleaning yards. Other odd jobs such as mowing grass, shoveling snow, and other tasks can make you money. TaskRabbit is another similar app. (See Taskrabbit further down the list!). You should also check out TaskRabbit!

20. Your Smartphone can help you invest in real estate

You can invest in real estate from your smartphone while you live in a van. You are traveling around the globe, and you can view real estate on your smartphone and invest in the places you see. You need to look for things that grab your attention.

21. Be a tax preparer

You can make a living from your van by becoming a tax preparer. While on the move, you can prepare your taxes. You need to keep track of your expenses and income. You can earn per client if you prepare taxes.

22. Find a job as a working position

A workamping job can be a great way to make money while living in your van. Part-time, seasonal or seasonal workamping jobs are available for temporary workers, and this job allows you to work whenever you are most convenient.

23. Scour Craiglist

You can search Craigslist every day for small tasks that people need to be done. You can also find people looking for remote jobs on Craigslist. Many of these jobs will be locally based, while others will be located in remote areas. There are many options. For odd jobs

Craigslist is a great place to start earning money while living in your van. Post jobs you are interested in. This job has the best part: you can work whenever you want.

24. For a few days, you can rent your RV or campervan

Camping is becoming a more popular pastime with many campgrounds being built all across the country. Camping enthusiasts are always looking for new places to explore. Campervans offer the perfect way for campers to explore new places, whether they’re looking for outdoor activities or just want to relax in nature. You can rent out your campervan/rv to make extra money and let others enjoy your vehicle.

25. Pet sitting or dog walking are available

In recent years, campervans have become more popular than ever. Many people live in smaller spaces and require a more affordable option for housing. With minimal planning, it’s easier to travel out of town to enjoy the vacation. If you don’t feel like traveling alone, pet sitting, and dog walking are options. Pet sitting takes care of pets, typically when their owners are out of town or at work. Expect to make between $10 and $75 an hour per pet.

Dog walking is similar in concept to pet sitting, except that the dog is your responsibility. You take care of the dog and give them exercise. A dog walker can also make a lot of money.

26. Look for seasonal retail work

It doesn’t mean you have to stay at a 9-5 job all your life. You don’t have to be a professional to find work. Many work opportunities will suit you. Seasonal retail work is usually easy to find and typically pays between $10-12 per hour. Retail jobs usually open in November or January, so plan now! You can also save money on your seasonal job so that you have enough to live in a van.

27. Airbnb allows you to manage properties for other people

Airbnb is a popular way to make money. What happens if someone wants to rent out their home? Airbnb allows users to share their homes with others, but landlords can find it challenging to manage their properties. They must manage guests, screen them, and ensure they don’t damage the property while renting it. All this work can take up time that landlords might not have.

28. You can make money selling plasma while living in a van

You can sell your plasma while still living in your van/vehicle to make some extra cash.

If you are looking to escape the 9-to-5 grind, selling your plasma can be a way to make some extra cash while still living in a van. Although it may seem extreme, many people do this. And even more, people who need your plasma to survive. It’s a great match to help a cause and make money.

29. A dude ranch is a place to work

A dude ranch is a great place to make money while living in your van. While you are earning a living, you will also be helping to care for the horses. Dude, ranches often need someone to care for the horses.

30. Working in a national park

There are many benefits to working in the National Parks System. You’ll have the opportunity to live in an area you love and learn about the natural world. You’ll also be working for your entire life because these national treasures are federally protected. There are many opportunities in this sector for people to work in education, conservation law enforcement, resource management, engineering and science.

31. Task Rabbit can help you run errands

It can be challenging to keep up with the usual errands, often taking too much time. Here’s the solution: Task Rabbit! Task Rabbit! You can find many people who will help you with your daily tasks at a reasonable price on this website. You just need to post the job and the price. Also, let them know how long it will take. You can become a “tasker” to make a lot of money by completing tasks and errands for others.

32. Get deliveries from Postmates

Postmates allows users to order take-out or delivery from local restaurants. This is an excellent job for anyone with a vehicle, scooter, motorcycle, or car who wants to earn some extra money. Postmates delivers food and grocery items as well as house cleaning services. All you need to do is download the app and create your profile.

33. Offer tutoring services

You can make a living by tutoring and making money in your van. You can tutor from anywhere you want. Tutors work with students one-on-one and offer instruction in a variety of subjects. You can get tutoring services for any age.

34. As a bartender

Campervans and RVs are a great way to live your life. While you can explore new cities and states while also having somewhere to sleep at night, you can still travel around the country and visit other countries. You can do many jobs with your campervan, RV or van if you need extra cash. Bartending is a great way to earn a living while staying in your van. It would help if you didn’t have any trouble finding work as a bartender because these jobs are highly in demand.

35. You can become a flea market flipper

You can make a living from your van by becoming a flea-market flipper. You can turn items into profit by becoming a flipper if you enjoy buying collectibles, antique items or old furniture at flea markets. Check out this article for more information about flea market flipping. You can also use the same method to flip yard sales. You can buy items at yard sales for meager prices and then sell them at the flea market.

36. Be a campground host

Camping a host is a great way to make money while living in your van. This job is perfect for those who enjoy having guests and meeting new people. You can work as much or little as you like and even create your schedule.

37. Harvesting and farm work

You can make a living from your van by harvesting or doing farm work. This job is for you if you enjoy being outdoors. This job requires you to be outdoors and do physical work. You can still use your van to get to the farm, where you’ll be performing the work. This one is for you if you enjoy being outdoors and staying in good physical condition.

38. You can become a northern California marijuana trimmer

Although few people think there’s a lucrative career in trimming cannabis plants, the industry is increasing, and skilled trimmers are needed. An average salary for a cannabis trimmer is $14/hour, but they can earn as much as $20/hour depending upon how they do their job. Additionally, trimmers have access to retirement and healthcare plans.

39. Become a mobile mechanic

You can make a living as a mobile mechanic and earn money by driving your van. This is the career for you if you enjoy working on cars and don’t care where you live. You will need to purchase your tools and store them in your van. Also, you will need to ensure that there is a mechanic shop near you.

40. Trade with other travelers

You can offer your trade to anyone traveling or in your area. You could be a jewel fixer, shoe shiner or computer repair person.

41. Help with van conversions

Your expertise in turning your van into a permanent living space can be helpful to others who are trying the same thing. Van conversions are a great way to make money living in your van. Van conversions can be time-consuming, so it’s essential to help van owners for a more extended period.

42. Restaurant work

You can make a living from your van by working in a restaurant. Restaurants are always in search of cooks and dishwashers. If you’re interested in working in the restaurant industry, make sure to reach out to employers. Restaurants don’t benefit from hiring extra hands.

43. Join the Amazon Camperforce

The Amazon Camperforce is an excellent way to make money living in your van. The Camperforce is an organization of people involved in a project called “Amazon Camper.” The idea is to make it easier for people who live in vans and travel around the Amazon.

44. Instacart Grocery Shop

Instacart shoppers are a great way to make money while living in your van. Instacart allows customers to order groceries at their doorstep and then shop around for the best deals.

45. Busk on the side of the road

You can earn extra income by busking while living in your van. You can make a living from your van by busking. You can put on a show to make money. Busking is performing music on the streets or in public places for voluntary donations.

46. Roadside assistance can be sold

You can make a lot of money by selling roadside assistance. You can start your own company if you’re interested in selling roadside help. It is a simple service that drivers can access when they need it.

47. As a day laborer

You can make a living from your van by working as a laborer. It is possible to get paid to build a house or dig a ditch, and do other labor-intensive tasks. You can make a lot of money by offering your skills and talents, such as wheelbarrowing gravel for an older adult’s backyard.

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