What is the underlying worth of Bitcoin?

Several people think that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $100,000 or more because it has hit new highs.

The price of this currency has recently gone up, and now that it has hit new highs, this rise is expected to keep going.

Most of the time, these statistics are based on “graphs” and “technological analysis” of the price of this currency and on the hopes and expectations of people who are interested in this currency, too.

Is it easy to figure out how much a currency has worth?

Money has an intrinsic value based on how much money it makes for the owner.

Example: The principal value of the apple tree for the capitalist is not the tree itself but how many apples this tree makes.

The same is true for residential real estate, which is worth more or less based on how much rent the owner makes.

This means that the most important thing about any currency, whether fiat money or cryptocurrency, is that it can be used to exchange items.

In the past, coins made of gold and silver had a lot of value because they could be melted down and get their valuable metals.

These things aren’t possible with paper money, which can only be worth what people believe in it.

People at Standard Chartered Bank in Britain said that bitcoin could reach $100,000 at the end of 2021, and they thought that would be a lot.

People who don’t have bank accounts could use Bitcoin to pay for things in the future, says Jeffrey Kendrick, the head of the bank’s Crypto Research Group (former Australian Treasury authorities).

Cryptocurrencies that can keep their value are likely to be used to pay for things in the future.

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