Julie Bowen shoots her shot with Harry Styles

Julie Bowen of Modern Family says she’s taking a break from dating, but there’s one guy she’d make an exception for.

Julie said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she adores Harry Styles and would love the chance to spend time with him.

The 51-year-old actress admitted that she is “extremely single” but has taken a break from dating because the pool of potential bachelors hasn’t impressed her.

“I went on a few dates, and one of them said, ‘You have to come to my house because I have a dog.’ ‘I’m getting a dog; that’s the trick,’ I said. “Now it’s on my terms,” she said, adding that her new canine companion is a “retirement present.”

Julie readily said she’d give up her single life for him in a heartbeat when guest presenter Adam Devine teased her about her hidden obsession with the British pop sensation.

“You want to know if I’d come out of [dating] retirement to date Harry Styles?” Yes, absolutely. Him? She exclaimed, “Look at him,” describing him as “beautiful and attractive.”

“He’s just bringing the joy and the light and the “Watermelon Sugar,” Julie continued, referring to the 27-year-summertime old’s smash.

You just get a wonderful feeling about the whole thing.”

She will have to wait her turn, though, because Harry is rumored to be seeing actress Olivia Wilde.

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