Is a Fleet Card Required to Establish Business Credit?

We’ve all seen gasoline and maintenance costs rise and fall. During times of expense spikes, you may find yourself using a higher dollar amount on your business credit card to keep your fleet running.

However, this is usually only a temporary cure, and you’ll eventually hit a snag: your credit card’s limit will be reached.

You can request a more extensive line of credit or a business loan from your bank. This is one method of addressing the issue. A fleet card is another option. This card can assist you in establishing business credit while keeping all of your tanks topped off and your vehicles in good working order.

There are, of course, additional benefits to using fleet gasoline cards. Fleet fuel cards can be handy if your firm has one or more cars, such as a plumbing company, a mobile pet grooming service, or a fast-food chain that delivers.

They are helpful not just for discounts and bonuses but also for providing insights into gasoline prices and allowing you to monitor better and regulate your spending.

Fleet gasoline cards can help you in various ways, whether you operate a small fleet or run a substantial national trucking firm. When you use a fleet gasoline card for your business, you can take advantage of the following four advantages:

Convenience for the driver

Your drivers will be able to purchase the fuel they require when they require it. Most fleet fuel cards are accepted at most gas stations across the country.

While universal gasoline cards are accepted everywhere, credit cards are accepted, corporate cards are accepted wherever credit cards are accepted.

Some cards, on the other hand, do not offer universal coverage. Consider your operating zone and map out the excellent gasoline locations for that fuel card provider to guarantee your drivers have the most convenience.

Your fleet could be losing money due to the time and miles spent looking for the right fueling station. (If location availability is a concern, a universal fleet gasoline card is the best option.)

Care and Maintenance of Vehicles

Several maintenance services are included on some of the more advanced fleet cards. Setting a requirement that analyzes distance each time a driver fills up can assist organizations in tracking a vehicle’s routine maintenance checks through fleet card reporting. Businesses can ensure that only approved specialists work on their fleet since fleet cards limit drivers from submitting their cars for servicing.

Prevent Fraud by Tracking Purchases

One of the significant issues for fleet managers is credit card fraud and misuse by drivers. Drivers can fill up their automobiles or add convenience store items to their purchases if there are no purchase limitations in place. Using fleet fuel cards, you can track who, what, when, where, and how much a motorist spends.

You could even limit fuelling to Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., with a 50-gallon maximum. In this manner, you can keep track of your expenditures, reduce fraud, and stick to your budget.

Fuel Costs Should Be Reduced

Fuel expenditures are one of the most significant expenses for a company that spends a lot of time on the road, accounting for roughly 70% of total fleet expenses. Many fleet cards provide savings at the gas pump, which can assist cut down on fuel costs.

Often, fleet cards give volume savings on fuel – and while the price varies per card, you can save anywhere from one to five cents per gallon or take advantage of tiered schemes where the more you spend, the more you keep.

What’s the Difference Between a Credit Card and a Fleet Fuel Card?

In the world of business, credit cards play a crucial role. However, because the company has little or no credit history, a new business owner or management may find it challenging to secure corporate credit, even if they have an excellent personal credit history.

A fleet card could be a beneficial tool for small business owners who are just starting. The good news is that obtaining a fleet card is frequently more straightforward than getting a business loan or even a traditional business credit card.

After you’ve gotten the fleet card, all that’s left is to practice responsible credit spending. As a result, a fleet card could be a great place to start when it comes to establishing or restoring business credit.

Aside from that, fleet fuel cards can help you save money on gas, track vehicle fuel and maintenance, and manage driver purchases. Before choosing a fleet fuel card, be sure it meets your company’s demands and improves your drivers’ convenience.

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