Is It Really That Bad to Skip Protein After a Workout?

We’re sure you’ve heard that having protein after a workout is crucial, but between going to work and collecting up the kids from school, there’s not always time for a post-exercise meal. But how crucial is it to consume protein right after a workout?

Protein Is Necessary

Exercise causes minute tears in your muscle fibers, which must be healed. The amino acids present in protein are used by your body to build muscle cells, which heal the microscopic tears and improve muscle size and total tissue volume. Protein is required to keep your muscles healthy and toned.


When is the best time to consume protein?

While it’s a frequent misperception that you should consume protein immediately following a workout, your daily protein intake is more important than when you eat it. It’s better to distribute your protein consumption throughout the day so that you get some at each meal.

How Much Protein Do You Actually Require?

This is determined by your fitness objectives and workout schedule. Strength training necessitates a higher protein intake than cardio or endurance training. Protein also makes you feel fuller, so it’s a wonderful method to get in shape without losing muscle mass if you’re attempting to reduce weight.

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