Is it possible to get a good workout by learning TikTok dances?

TikTok has thrown us more dance challenges than we can keep track of, and just when we think we’re finished, another one pops up. While viral videos make them seem effortless, mastering TikTok dances takes a lot of time and effort. Does this imply that they’re a good workout?

Each one is special

It’s hard to tell how many calories you’ll burn learning a TikTok dance because each one has a unique collection of movements. TikTok dances will burn 400-600 calories per hour if you go all-in, putting them on par with some of the most effective full-body workouts on the market.

More Realistic

The best part about TikTok dances is that they are less difficult to get into than most conventional workouts. Since they’re so much fun, it’s easy to stay motivated, and your end goal is straightforward and simple to achieve: you’re just trying to learn some epic dance steps.

long story short, anything can be turned into a workout if you put in the effort, and TikTok dances will certainly help you get there. Some of them are very difficult to learn if you’re not in great shape already, but they’ll undoubtedly motivate you to step up your fitness game.

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