These Common Mistakes in Virtual Workouts Will Kill Your Motivation

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, many people accepted virtual workouts as a new normal, but sticking to them can be difficult. You could be making one of these common mistakes if you’re having trouble staying focused and inspired during your virtual lesson.

Using Your Mobile Phone
The majority of people use their phones to watch virtual workouts, but other devices are much more appropriate. The problem with phones is that they can quickly confuse you with calls, messages, and social media updates, so it’s best to leave them in a different room during class.

Switch off the camera
It’s frightening and daunting to turn on your camera during virtual lessons, but it’s also the only way to hold you accountable. It will motivate you to give it your all and you will be aware that others are watching, just as you would in a real fitness class.

There is no communication
During both physical and virtual courses, it’s important to interact with your teacher. If you’re struggling with pain and soreness and need adjustments or assistance to better execute those moves, don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice your concerns.

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