Looking to Eat Healthier? These Breakfast Choices Should Be Avoided

A balanced breakfast will help you get your day off to a good start. The first thing you eat in the morning has a major impact on your metabolism and overall health. However, some of the foods you consume first thing in the morning can disrupt your metabolism and cause health issues. Here are some breakfast foods to avoid and some healthier alternatives.

Simple Bagels and Sugary Cereals
These high-carb foods are low in fiber, which helps you feel full by slowing blood glucose response. They can also induce weight gain and cravings by causing blood sugar spikes and crashes. Instead, go for quinoa, whole-grain toast with almond butter or smoked salmon, or overnight oats, which are all rich in fiber.

Refined Grains Pancakes and Waffles
You can still eat pancakes and waffles, but opt for whole-grain varieties instead of processed versions that are high in refined carbohydrates, sugar, and preservatives. Combine cottage cheese or eggs with your pancakes or waffles to improve the protein content.

Donuts and Muffins
Sugar, processed carbohydrates, and saturated fat abound in these delectable desserts. This causes your blood glucose to skyrocket, and too much sugar can cause weight gain and inflammation. If you don’t have time to sit down for a meal, opt for high-fiber alternatives such as yogurt with fruits and nuts, overnight oats, or smoothies.

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