Dark chocolate is a perfect choice if you're trying to lose weight

Dark chocolate is healthy whenever you want it, with no shame. Using it as an option for snacks, or as well as baking desserts. has positive effects, such as making you feel more relaxed or fighting heart disease


Dark chocolate

As research has shown, dark chocolate can help you lose weight. According to the results of a 2010 report, dark chocolate can contribute to weight loss by reducing appetite. Dr. Mackenzie Burgess has said that in previous studies, some findings show that “dark chocolate can reduce the hunger hormone, known as ghrelin, and increase satiety.”


Dark chocolate

The point to remember is that dark chocolate always contains a lot of calories, decent serving size is 28 g or about 155 calories. Enjoying a portion of dark chocolate while you are craving something sweet will aid you in your weight-loss strategy. Eventually, you’ll begin to find that you crave less, and therefore eat less often.

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