2021 Women's 6 Week Beach Body Workout Challenge

Women’s ultimate beach body fitness challenge

It is very difficult to regain body shape after it has been disrupted. Many girls resort to a variety of methods, ranging from starvation to strenuous exercise, in order to regain their previous weight. Some girls succeed in the process, while others do not. It is not that certain workouts or diets are bad, but they may not be appropriate for their bodies. Who doesn’t want to have a beach body and who doesn’t want it? If you want to get a perfect beach body, we’ll talk about some exercises to help you achieve your goal. We’ll walk you through the exercise steps so that everyone who wants to do it can. We’ve put together an ultimate beach body fitness challenge for women that will help you achieve your ideal body in just one week.

How should you perform the workout?

Choose a workout that you can do 4 to 5 days a week to help them reach their goal. Also, divide exercises daily or weekly and perform repetitions as instructed by your trainer to reach your deadline. Before beginning any workout, it is a good idea to warm up your body with some warm-up exercises.

The planks

It is the exercise that will significantly aid you in achieving a beach body. It helps to reinforce the heart and develop abdominal muscles. Planks will be a part of your regular beach body challenge routine.

How to Go About It

✔️Go to your favorite spot in your house with a friend. Spread the mat out and lie down in a “push-up” position on it.

✔️Place your forearm on the mat after bending your elbows. Maintaining a straight body and being balanced on your toes.

✔️You can also do planks that move. To do so, you must adjust your upper body by shifting your weight from your hands to your forearm. Then straightening the legs and balancing on the hands again.

✔️Do three repetitions for a total of 30 to 40 seconds.

Planks on the sides

beach-body-fit-woman-doing-side-plank exercise
It’s also a fantastic way to get a bikini body. Small abdominal muscles are targeted and strengthened with these planks. It’s also beneficial for shaping and aligning the hips.

How to Go About It

✔️Keep your legs straight while you lie on the side of your body.

✔️Lift your body sideways and balance it on your forearm and elbow.

✔️Lift the body diagonally and balance it on one side while remaining upright.
Move to the other side after a few seconds of holding.

✔️Rep the procedure as directed.

Planks with raised feet

This move will seem daunting at first, but it will help you achieve a beach body.

How to Go About It

✔️It’s similar to a simple plank, except this move requires you to raise your feet to a higher level.

✔️To elevate it, you’ll need to put some support under your feet. All of your body weight will be transferred to your upper body and heart. As a result, it will tone the region and give you a flat stomach.

a V-up

v-up workout for a beach body with a flat stomach
This stage focuses on toning the hips and lower abs. This exercise isn’t tough, but it will tone your lower body in a shorter amount of time if you do it regularly. The exercise should be done for 30 to 40 seconds and in 2 to 3 sets.

How to Go About It

✔️Your back should be straight when you lay flat on the ground.

✔️Lift the legs and head into the air at the same time. Hold your arms straight and look as if you’re trying to touch your toes when you raise your head. Your legs and arms must be straight when doing this, forming a “V” shape in your body.

✔️Return to the starting point and complete the recommended number of repetitions.

✔️Don’t panic if you can’t reach out and touch the foot at first. Your body can become more versatile with time, but toning the body is still effective in the beginning.


It is not the most enjoyable aspect of the workout, but it does cover all of the body parts. It will strengthen the entire body, including the biceps, delts, and quads, while tightening the legs and lower body.

How to Go About It

✔️Maintain a hip-wide space between your feet while standing upright.

✔️Place your hands on the ground to support your body in a squat position.

✔️Return to plank positions immediately after taking the legs down.

✔️Pull your legs forward once more and stand in a squat position. Jump straight up in the air with the arms straight up in the air.

✔️Remember that you are not required to rest at any point during the step. Do three sets of 30 second exercises.

Crunches on a bicycle

Beach Body

women’s fitness lover beach body bicycle crunch workout
When you do this exercise, you will find that it concentrates on the abdomen and inner thighs. This is the part of the body that easily gathers weight and is difficult to slim down. So these crunches will help you lose some weight in a month’s time.

How to Go About It

✔️For this exercise, lie flat on your back on the mat.

✔️Now, place your hands below your chin and raise your head slightly.

✔️Lift your legs and drive them as if you were riding a bicycle. When your right knee rises, bring your right elbow close to it and place your left shoulder blade on the mat.

✔️Similarly, as the right leg approaches the upper body, raise the left elbow.

✔️For at least 40 seconds, repeat the move.

Diet plan to get a beach body

This summer’s best diet for a beach body
The exercise will contribute 50% to achieving your perfect body form, while the diet will contribute the remaining 50%. When participating in this beach body workout challenge, you will also need to keep track of your diet.

✔️Water should be consumed in the amount of 2 to 4 liters a day to support your metabolism. It will also have a feeling of fullness, making the body feel less hungry.

✔️Divide the meals into small portions instead of three large ones.

✔️Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. They’re high in minerals and vitamins. They also contain fibers that support the body’s metabolism.

✔️Healthy fats should be consumed in moderation, and unhealthy snacks should be avoided. Nut butter, cheese, eggs, avocado, and nuts are also good options.

✔️Incorporate more probiotics into your everyday routine. Yogurt is a good source of probiotics.

✔️Reduce your consumption of processed carbohydrates and sugar, and raise your intake of protein and nutritious choices.Many of our diet plans can be found here.

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